I was suffering from acidity for 2-3 years. But the problem became severe in last 2-3 months. I visited Dr. Mehul Chowksi. He understood my problem and suggested gastroscopy. As per the report there were severe ruptures in my food pipeline due to acid reflux. After thorough analysis he gave antibiotic medicine to be taken for 10 days. Also he suggested healthy life style changes to prevent further damage. Within 10 days of medication, I was feeling completely fine with no signs of acidity till date.
It started with pain in my abdominal area. I thought it was the usual gastric pain which i sometimes get and recover after I take some general gas medicine. But even after taking the medicine the pain wouldn't go away and instead became so intense even to the point of feeling unconscious. Visited Dr Mehul Choksi and immediately diagonised as some severe stomach infection for which I was prescribed antibiotics. I started feeling better. Thanks to his timely diagnosis otherwise it could have lead to some other complication.
Dr. Mehul has performed ERCP, Billiary stenting and diagnostic endoscopy on my father. My father has been under his compassionate care for the past six months. He has been very attentive, responsive to all our emergencies no matter what time of day or night. Explaining test results in layman's language to patient's relatives is his forte. He is a top rated GI doctor and I and my family are very gratefull for his medical services.
My experience with the dr was excellent..Dr choksi has done a excellent operation..he operated my father very well..by removing stone which was stuck in bile duct..the length of the stone was very big..around 2cm.but still Dr choksi has operated 100%.he gave a new life to my father..my father is 78 yrs old..before operation Dr choksi said he will try 80%..but he made it 100%..I was really happy to c my father fit n fine after operation..this is only because of Dr.Choksi's efforts..i heartly thank u Dr choksi on behalf of my family and friends.God bless Dr choksi n his family..
Amol Ravindra Bhosle
A thousand words put together will not be able to express what Dr. Mehul has done for my dad. He did a scopy n removed a 4cms long denture stuck in his throat. He did that without any compilation. The denture which was stuck in the foodpipe for three daya had pushed his windpipe which resulted in breathing problem risking his life. But the timely treatment by Dr. Mehul saved his life. He was an emergency patient and doctor was there in the middle of the night to see him. We all are and will always remain grateful to you doctor
Visited For Irritable Bowel Syndrome ( IBS ) Treatment - The nightmare of my mother's years of gastrointestinal problems slowly became a dream of recovery, all thanks to the treatment of Dr. Mehul. He is not only attentive but always approachable in times of emergency and more importantly a positive person. His diagnostic skills and his treatment for my mother's IBS and ulcer problem has helped her live a comparatively better comfortable life.
Tinaz Rayomand Khambata
Dr. Choksi is a great doctor who takes extra care in treating his patients. Today he performed ERCP and biliary stenting on my mother who is a cancer patient. He made sure he informed me in detail about the risks and benefits of the procedure. Furthermore, my mother could walk, talk and eat within 30 minutes of the procedure. This shows the quality of Dr. Choksi. He is also great in following up regarding patient's complications after procedure. I definitely recommend him.
Tasmim Zahid Anwar
Visited For Acidity - I am extremely pleased with the doctor the way he gave me patient hearing. His dealings with the patient was excellent. It gives confidence to the patient.
Jayanta Kumar Nayak